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New Events
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Community Responses
to the Globalist Agenda:

Part 2.

more details will be posted
on our events page

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Past Events
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Community Responses to
a Globalist Agenda: Part 1.
Held on Sat, May 17, 2014
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Scottish Cultural Centre
8886 Hudson St. @ w73

CES-Greater Vancouver
was represented at the

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New Economy Event
Granville Island
Oct 15-20, 2013

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CES Quotes
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  "The CES supports all who
have been marginalized by
the conventional economy."

  "The few who benefit from
the current money system
will resist any other system
that undermines their
privileges and wealth."

  "the CES is much more than
a club providing members
with a bit of fun. It's a new
way of understanding wealth
and building community"





CES - Greater Vancouver
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Welcomes You

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Who We Are: a local exchange in a global trading community that uses a community currency model to trade goods and services with each other without the need for any national currency. We've created our own currency, the freedom (Fdm), and offer an alternative to the current money system where a privileged few thrive at our collective expense. Some of our CES features include:

  • we never charge interest on anything
  • we all receive community credit when we become CES users
  • we don't require the use of national currency when trading
  • we create our own "wealth" through the products and services we offer
  • there is no banking, corporate, or government involvement in our system

What We Offer: opportunities for individuals and groups who are not thriving in today's debt-based, interest-accruing money system to build community and become more economically resilient and self reliant.

Big Picture: We are part of a global movement for monetary and social change that makes use of the Internet, online accounts, electronic databases, and, most importantly, community spirit, trust, and good will. CES Greater Vancouver is an active member of a worldwide network of over 800 exchanges in approx. 80 countries.

Summary: CES Greater Vancouver is:

  • a marketplace where goods and services are traded
  • an alternate money system based on mutual credit and community currency
  • a community-builder promoting sustainability, self reliance, and resilience

We hope our site will provide you with all the information and inspiration you'll need to join our exchange.

For more info about community currency and the global CES system, visit the global site at; https://www.community-exchange.org

If you want more info about CES-Greater Vancouver, please contact:
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Michaelg  michael@cesvancouver.ca
administrator, Community Exchange System / CES - Greater Vancouver





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Quick Facts
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established on
Sept 19, 2012

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current users:
twenty seven (28)

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currency name:
freedoms (Fdm's)

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registration details:
free, online, no fees.
no starting capital

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Now Offering image spacer
no spray blueberries
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foot care, massage,
alternate healing
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art and music education,
math & science tutoring
music improvisation,
piano coaching
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website development
pc computer repair,
computer training,
graphic design
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Whistler trail guiding
dog walking,
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business law, wills,
personal injury claims
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yoga, astrology,
aura readings
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simplicity parenting,
perogee parties
image spacer
interior design,
event planning
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community currency,
business coaching
system design

** looking for users offering
food and other products
as well as services

how it works         the need         a new trading spirit        before you join        partners and research        events